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This coming Holocaust Remembrance Day, we invite you to take part in the commemoration by hosting or participating in a gathering of Zikaron BaSalon. We will ensure that it will be a simple event for hosts to organize.
We are here to help you create a meaningful experience.

Join over a million Zikaron BaSalon hosts and participants worldwide.


In the Media

“A few years ago, when Holocaust Remembrance Day arrived, it felt so far away– like it didn’t fulfill the potential of what I could take away from it."

Time, 12.09.2014

"Never before was I able to partake in an honest conversation about the Holocaust with a German."

i24 News, 16.04.2015

"Jewish people and survivors of the death camps make great efforts to ensure that the Holocaust is not forgotten."

DW News, 27.01.2016

"I was at an event that included a talk with one of the twin siblings which the Nazi Josef Mengele experimented on in Auschwitz. The talk was followed by a few songs and a very lively discussion of the phenomenon of ‘Holocaust Humor.’”

"The traditional way of commemorating, by either going to an official ceremony or watching one on TV is too passive. People are looking for a way to commemorate in a more active way."

"Then a few people had an idea: to bring together Israelis and a survivor in an informal setting, which is, simply put, somebody’s living room."

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