Who is behind Zikaron BaSalon?

Zikaron Basalon started in a living room where a few friends gathered in 2010 and experienced an extraordinarily meaningful event. The team now consists of the original participants of that event as well as many more friends who have joined the effort over the years.

I registered as a host, what should I do?

We provide you with the Event Kit including suggestions, tips and general guidance for how to run the event. If, however, you do not want to lead the discussion, you are welcome to contact - before the event itself - one of the guests, and ask them to lead the discussion.

Are there preparatory evenings for the hosts?

During the months of March-April there will be virtual and in person meetings. Should you have more questions on the subject you can contact us directly by email and we will connect you with the local community organizer in your area.

Do I have to follow your kit?

Definitely not. Zikaron BaSalon is an open source initiative in which people shape their own experience. The structure of the event and the use of the content we provide are suggestions to make your Zikaron BaSalon event easier to host and organized.

I requested to participate and still have not received a response?

If you sent a request to the host directly and it was not confirmed or denied within four days from the time of sending it was automatically canceled. You are always able to cancel your pending request and send a new one.

I do not want to publish my address for the event due to security reasons, how will people know where to go?

Our registration system is secure and is structured so that only after the host has confirmed a participant's enrollment, the participant will receive an email with the address.

How does one find a survivor or a speaker?

We suggest that you look for a Holocaust survivor for your Zikaron BaSalon independently. If you do not find one there are suggestions in the Build Your Event page for alternatives which you are welcome to explore. It is important to remember that Zikaron BaSalon and the conversations it fosters are significant even if you do not have a living Survivor as part of your event.

Is there Zikaron BaSalon in my town?

Anyone can host a Zikaron BaSalon. We recommend that you organize with some friends and acquaintances Zikaron BaSalon event of your own. If you cannot do this, you will find a list of all the Zikaron BaSalon events around the world on our host page.

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