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How do you commemorate the Holocaust?

With your community.

What happens in a Zikaron BaSalon event?

Zikaron Basalon takes place in your own living room.
The participants create their own experience during the event,
through an open discussion about the Holocaust and its impact on society across time.
Zikaron BaSalon events consist of three parts:


We invite hosts to screen or read testimonies of Holocaust survivors. If possible, we recommend inviting a Holocaust survivor, a descendant of one or an academic expert and have direct, face-to face conversations.



Participants are welcome to share and express themselves however they want. It can be a song, a story or even a prayer.
A collective endeavor of sharing.



Participants join together to discuss their thoughts and relationships with the Holocaust. We offer a diverse collection of discussion materials for you to choose from based on your personal interests.

I can't recall the last time I had an active part in a fundamental conversation about the Holocaust. I was thrilled to find out that I am not the only one asking these questions. Thus, all of my friends wanted to gather together again next year. My personal feelings range between excitement and even happiness at certain moments. 

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